Scan Tax Documents

Scan  a copy of your ID and all SS Cards of every person being claimed on your tax return. We need you to scan the previous years return as well.(New Customers Only)  Scan all tax information for every job that you had in 2019. (w-2, 1099, 1099G, 1099R, W2G )  For Sch A:  If you have a home scan form 1098 home interest, charitable contributions, medical and dental out of pocket write offs and real estate tax forms.  For Sch C:   If you have a business scan your Profit and Loss information. (including EFIN #).  Go to us: Put in your full name, address, dob, email address and phone number and we will send a text (Got It) to let you know that received your information and we will begin to process your taxes.  We will call with any questions.  Please allow 48 hours for completion.  Once the tax return is completed and ready to e-file I will call with your results and you can pay over the phone.  Your return will be mailed and signatures need to be sent back via US Mail.  Once we receive your signature the return is complete. You can find a scanner at your local FEDEX/KINKO

SCAN To [email protected]