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 New tax laws have taken affect and for the next 10 years you can pay higher tax preparation fees knowing that your return will be lower .  Get affordable tax preparation from a neighborhood business  with 10 years in the  community, much lower fees, and open appointments. Call today or come in and let us get your taxes completed.


New Customer Pricing

1040 ....Single.....$75

1040...Head of Household...MFJ......$125

1040(includes Sch A,B & Day Care)...Home... $150

1040(includes Sch E,D)...Stock/Rental....$175

1040(includes above, Sch C )...Small Business...$225 

Amended Returns......$125

Prior Year Returns .....start @$125/year......$100/yr(2+yrs)



7877 W Jewell Ave,  Lakewood, CO 80232

2019 Tax Season * 10 Year Anniversary *

Happy New Year and Welcome * VIP $ for returning customers *

We will open our doors on January 16 for small business returns, scheduling, and tax questions.  Returning customers look in the mail for  your annual letter with VIP pricing information.  

W2s and Tax Information

 W2s have to be mailed out by January 31st.  Please be sure to have all W2s from all employers before making an appointment.  Schedule C(Small business) clients must have all expense information calculated and in order.  A $75/hr fee could be added for excessive calculation time.

 E-file started January 28th

We are processing tax returns.  The government is expecting possible delays due to the shutdown so it is important to get your return in ASAP.  We are finding that this new tax system is very different than what we are used to and is impacting small businesses that have not taken out estimated payments.

New for 2018 Returns

Itemized Deductions - Medical Deductions went down from 10% to 7%, Mortgage Interest Deductions - limit 2 residences,  Charitable Contributions  - up from 50% to 60%,  Casualty/Theft Losses - ONLY Federal Declared Disaster, Obama Care penalty still applies for no health insurance

We welcome you to come and do business with us.  We take newbies to Colorado and all tax stragglers . Make an appointment soon!